Cattle Guards

We build precast concrete cattle guards in 4′ x 7′ or 8′ x 7′ sections, designed to be placed side by side on a bed of 4″ rock.

The benefits of these cattle guards are immediately obvious.

They offer superior strength, better resistance to the elements, and are low maintenance.

The cattle guard will offer a lifetime of service, and will withstand any highway-legal vehicle weight. 

They will last through years of frequent crossings; and best of all, no more gates to open and close!

Cattle Guard Installation Instructions

  • Excavate the area for the cattle guard to a depth of 12”, making the hole 12” longer and wider than the size of the guard desired.
  • Fill the excavated area with at least 4” of clean gravel.
  • Compact the area, ensuring no soft spots.
  • Set the guard on the gravel base with the entire cattle guard making contact with the base rock. Do NOT suspend the guard.
  • Back fill with base rock and re-grade the area.
  • We can arrange delivery of the cattle guard and set it in place for you if so desired.

The cattle guard can also be placed directly on top of an existing road, and then the surrounding area would be built up around it.