Livestock Feeders

Concrete Livestock Feeders. Variety of Sizes and Profiles Available.

Strong, Durable Feed Bunks for Livestock

Stewart Concrete manufactures durable concrete feed troughs suitable for both dairy and beef cattle.

Whether you operate a small family farm or a large commercial feed lot, Stewart Concrete has the right product to meet your needs.

Feed Bunks for Livestock

What Makes Our  Bunks So Durable?

  • We use a high-quality 5000 PSI concrete mix.
  • Each bunk is reinforced with heavy gauge wire mesh and rebar.
  • Our unique design adds a tremendous amount of stability and strength to our bunks. The wider leg provides a larger footprint for added stability, while forming a gusset on each side of the bunk providing additional strength.

Additional Benefits of Our Concrete Bunks

These concrete bunks will add to your bottom line with labor savings and increased efficiency. They are also more resistant to surface damage from acids and silage.

The drain holes in our bunk’s tapered bottom allow any moisture to drain easily, eliminating feed spoilage and accommodating easy cleaning.

The design of our fenceline bunk has made it one of the most desired bunks in the industry.  Three threaded inserts are cast in each leg to accommodate our specially designed steel posts, or may be used to attach any other desired type of fencing.

Concrete feed bunks save money for the producer in the following ways:

  • Low Initial Cost
  • Low Maintenance – They will not rust, rattle or rot.
  • Less Feed Loss – They are free of crevices that retain pockets of stale feed.
  • Flexibility – Bunks can be rearranged or moved.